About Friedehorst

Friedehorst is a registered charity organization which exclusively serves purposes of benefit to the public. The aim is to combine Christian brotherly love with professional competence and to realize it in its daily work. The foundation has a close relationship to the Bremen Protestant Church (BEK). This is underlined by the fact that always a representative of the BEK has a seat in the foundation`s board of trustees.

Friedehorst is situated in an extensive area with an appealing landscape in the district of Lesum. It has developed into a modern service center of more than nationwide importance whose combination of different sections is unique in the Northwest of Germany. Here, people in need of nursing and medical care, rehabilitation or a new professional orientation can receive expert help, trusting care and attention as well as individual advancement. Friedehorst comprises institutions for elderly and disabled people, a vocational advancement center as well as a neurological rehabilitation center for children, adolescents and young adults.

In total, approximately 2000 people are looked after by about 1400 employees. On account of this, Friedehorst is now one of the largest employers in the North of Bremen.

Bodo HeyneThe name “Friedehorst” was officially given by Pastor Bodo Heyne. Since he was the managing director of the “Innere Mission” (Home Mission) in Bremen he was responsible for Friedehorst in its founding years. He successfully presented this name, in fact an idea of his wife, to the board of trustees at that time.
The ending “-horst” is typical for names of places in Bremen and its environment. Heyne´s wife Hanne had linked this expression to the desire of peace (“Friede”) of the people in the post-war years and the message of peace of the gospel and so had coined the name “Friedehorst”.